Jill Yavorsky

Fretwell 490H

Dr. Jill Yavorsky is an Assistant Professor in the Sociology department and Organizational Science program at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. I teach both undergraduate courses (i.e., Gender, Work, and Family, and; Sociology of Sexuality) and graduate courses (i.e., Sociology of Work, and; Macro-Organizational Theory).
I also have ongoing projects that investigate how workplace interactions influence people’s beliefs and outcomes; occupational segregation patterns; dynamics of top income and wealth earners, and; divisions of labor of new parents.
My research has been published in a variety of outlets, including Journal of Marriage and FamilySex RolesThe Sociological Quarterly, and Sociological Forum and has garnered widespread media attention, appearing in New York Times, TIME, Washington Post, Newsweek, Slate, Chicago Tribune, etc.  In addition to publishing and teaching, I also enjoy consulting with technology firms.
PhD, The Ohio State University
MA, The Ohio State University
BS, The Ohio State University
Favorite Articles:
Deutsch, Francine M. 2007. “Undoing Gender.” Gender & Society 21(1):106–127
Acker, Joan R.  1990.  "Hierarchies, Jobs, Bodies:  A Theory of Gendered Organizations." Gender & Society 4:139-158
Dwyer, Rachel E. 2013. “The Care Economy? Gender, Economic Restructuring, and Job Polarization in the U.S. Labor Market.”  American Sociological Review 78:390-416.
2009. Iddo Tavory and Ann Swidler, “Condom Semiotics: Meaning and Condom Use in Rural Malawi.” American Sociological Review 74(2):171-189.
Research and Teaching Interests:
My research and teaching interests are gender, work and organizations, family, stratification and inequality, and sexualities.