The Jared Borns OS Citizenship Award

OS Citizenship Award

The Jared Borns OS Citizenship Award is awarded annually in memory of Jared Borns. Jared was a kind and positive presence in the OS community. He was always reaching out to people, offering a smile, an encouraging word, a helping hand, or a welcome distraction from the stresses of life. He was a generous person who never thought twice about giving himself or his time to others. If you walked into his office, he would always stop whatever he was doing, no matter how important, and say, “How’s it going, buddy?” and proceed to talk to you about whatever you had on your mind. He made you feel important, talented, interesting. He made you feel valued, inside and outside of the program.

Jared is an exemplar of what OS students should strive to be. He valued people over everything else and lived those values every day. His legacy is a positive one. Jared showed us how to lead an adventurous and meaningful life with the people who matter most. He has inspired so many OS students to remember that no matter how busy you are, it is important to reach out to others, and that it is so worth it to do the little things to make the lives of the people around you better.

In honor of Jared, the Jared Borns OS Citizenship Award is given each year to an OS student who embodies Jared’s selflessness, positivity, kindness and generosity. This award is given to OS students who, like Jared, put others before themselves, make an effort to encourage and improve the lives of others, and engage meaningfully with the larger OS community. Recipients of this award will be those who carry on Jared’s legacy and make a positive impact on the OS community. We know that Jared’s memory will continue to be an inspiration to others and that he lives on in all acts of kindness.

Award Winners:

2017-2018: Elizabeth Clayton

2018-2019: Ashleigh Dickson

2019-2020: Jack Flinchum

2020-2021: Karoline Summerville

2021-2022: Amanda Sargent

2022-2023: Nicole Voss

2023-2024: Leah Bourque