Camille Endacott

Camille Endacott

Communication Studies


B.A., Communication Studies, Azusa Pacific University

M.A., Organizational Communication, University of California Santa Barbara

Ph.D., Organizational Communication, University of California Santa Barbara

Research Interests:

Organizational communication, identity and identification, emerging technologies, organizational membership, organizational socialization, remote work, network brokerage

Dr. Endacott’s research focuses on how people construct their identities at work, especially with and around emerging technologies, and with what consequences for organizing. She is currently working on research related to the development and use of artificially intelligent technologies in relation to identity construction as well, processes of onboarding and socialization in remote work, and identification dynamics in network brokerage. She primarily uses qualitative and field-based research methods. Dr. Endacott has published her research in outlets like Communication Research, Management Communication Quarterly, and Communication Studies. Her work has received recognition from the International Communication Association, the National Communication Association, and the Western States Communication Association.

Curriculum Vitae

Favorite articles:

Van Maanen, J. (1999). The Smile Factory: Work at Disneyland. In P.J. Frost et al. (Eds.), Reframing Organizational Culture (pp. 58-76).

Tracy, S. J., & Trethewey, A. (2005). Fracturing the real self fake-self dichotomy: Moving toward “crystallized” organizational discourses and identities. Communication Theory, 15, 168-195.

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